National Call for Kindness Prize

Riley's Way Foundation just announced its 2023Call For Kindness winners: 40 outstanding young people (ages 13-22) from across the country whose innovative ideas have granted them entrance into a dynamic leadership fellowship - and up to $3,000 each for their commitment to leading with kindness, empathy, and inclusivity.

"The Call for Kindness inspires and draws in exceptionally gifted young leaders who are driven by a deep passion to make the world a better place," expressed Ian Sandler, Co-Founder and Board Chair of Riley's Way. "These remarkable young leaders hold the key to tackling the world's most pressing issues, and by investing in them, we can help them turn their ideas into reality. Whether they are just beginning to explore or have advanced plans, we strive to support and encourage them to imagine a better future and work tirelessly toward it."

The Call For Kindness projects create a clear blueprint for uplifting communities and bringing hope for a better future. Forty winning social impact projects were chosen from hundreds of applications and came from 20 states. In addition to the general category, this year, Riley's Way selected 10 inspiring projects focusing on environmental justice as young people noted this critical issue.

"The 2023 Call For Kindness winners reflect critical issues top of mind for young people today," shared Dr. Christine O'Connell, Executive Director of Riley's Way. "They answered the call to make a difference, adding to a national movement for kindness."

Along with environmental justice, top themes among the 2023 C4K projects include addressing food insecurity, healthcare advocacy, volunteerism, entrepreneurial skill-building, STEAM, and meeting others' basic needs. A few examples:

Connor's Kindness Project provides specially curated "Kindness Kits" that are delivered to children in hospitals and shelters. And with Princess for a Day, girls in foster care participate in paint parties and other interactive events and activities to ensure they feel special, seen, and loved.

"To me, earning the Call For Kindness means a chance to make an impact," shared 2023 C4K Winner Leigh Foran (IDEA). "This is a chance for me to learn to be a better version of myself while simultaneously making an impact on the world around me."

In addition to the 2023 Call For Kindness winners, Riley's Way Foundation awarded eighteen continuation grants for previous winners to continue their social impact work.

"As someone who is passionate about using community impact and power to make change, Riley's Way truly supports that," shared Gillian Johnson, 2023 Continuation Grant Winner and Founder of Recovery Meet-Ups.