Robots CES 2020


Robots CES 2020

JAN 7-10, 2020, LAS VEGAS, NV. CES 2020 Is the Global Stage for Innovation. CES is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or above and for the consumer technology industry.

CES is the largest and most influential technology event on the planet. Every major and emerging industry is represented, the entire technology ecosystem gathered together in one place to conduct business.  It's the proving ground for transformative tech such as 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, sports, robotics and more.

See the intelligent, autonomous machines that are transforming industries including caregiving and health care, mobility and delivery, household tasks, leisure and recreation, retail and customer experience, and education. Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the way we do business. See the latest developments in artificial intelligence and the next generation of intelligent, autonomous machines. Robots excel at repetitive tasks, and U.S. consumers are keen on having robotics step in for some of the most dull and never-ending tasks: household chores.

At their most basic level, robots are already installed in offices throughout the World. Think of the vast plants churning out cars. Practically every part of the production process is now in the hands of robotic components – machines that have been specifically pre-programmed to handle feats of precision engineering. Although the figures are difficult to collate with 100% accuracy, there may be upwards of one million fully functional industrial robots that are an integral part of plants across the globe.

At the lower end of the scale, there are some half a million cleaning robots working in offices in various sectors in many countries. While these won't exactly resemble C3PO with a duster and cloth, they will come in a diverse range of designs. Each of these will be designed to cope with everything from desk areas and rest rooms to robots that will deal with areas containing sensitive equipment, such as telecommunications or server stores.

As chairman, CEO and founder of iRobot, Colin is an industry pioneer and one of the world's leading authorities on practical robots. Under Colin's leadership, iRobot has grown from a MIT startup to become the global leader in consumer robots, with over $1.09 billion in revenue and 1,000 employees worldwide. In 2002, iRobot established the home robot category with the creation of the award-winning Roomba cleaning robots vacuum. iRobot Corporation is an American technology company founded in 1990 by three members of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab who designed robots for space exploration and military defense.

Retailers are now experimenting with using robots to improve customer engagement by make shopping more convenient, experiential and personalized.

In 2019 we saw Foldimate laundry-folding robot. The Foldimate can handle basic garments such as shirts and pants. Items like sheets, towels and baby clothes, though, are outside this robot's folding repertoire.

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